Coco Shares Footage of Her Modeling Gravity-Defying Bra

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Taking to Instagram, Coco Austin has shared a video of herself trying out a new gravity-defying bra, and it is certainly eye-catching.

In the video, Austin demonstrates the bra for her followers, and miraculously, it holds tight.

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Along with the video, Austin captioned the video, "I'm SO in love with my [The Perfect Sculpt Bra]. I never thought I'd find something like this that makes my cleavage look amazing! What makes it even better is that it's Backless & Strapless so I can wear it with anything. Go get yourself one girls."

During her modeling of the bra, Austin says, "Oh my God look at this thing, no straps OK I have a big boob problem, am still breastfeeding, they're all over the place."

She then tightens up the laces in the front and exclaims, "I've got cleavage wow look at all the cleavage I get, it's like pouring out, I can't even believe it does this much."

"It stays on, it's super squishy, it's not going anywhere, it's very tight," the 38-year-old added.

Hilariously, she looks into the camera and asks, "Look at this, look how good it [is] to me... maybe too much boob?"

Finally, Austin throws on a red polka-doted halter top to show how well the bra works under clothing, and says, "Give it a shot. It's awesome."

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Photo credit: Instagram / @coco


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