Hershey’s Latest Chocolate Indulgence Will Be Your Campfire Favorite

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With this time of year bringing about notions of beachside fun and bonfire bliss, your new favorite chocolate indulgence is here.

This summer, serve up some delicious treats for the whole family or just yourself with Hershey’s S’mores Mix, featuring milk chocolate chips, graham cookie pieces and mini marshmallows.

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First shared by the Instagram account, Junk Banter, it’s the quintessential addition to your summer travel. Whether you carry along in your purse or double as an indulgent addition to your trail mix, these packets are available at Walmart all summer in the baking aisle, and make for the perfect dessert everyone will enjoy.

With foodies already getting creative with ideas for adding into their favorites, one user wrote, “Could add some peanuts and mini Reese’s cups to this and I’m set for the day,” while another chimed in, “Put it in some brownie mix.”

We are definitely getting ideas, especially after one user wrote, “[Be right back], transforming mountain trail mix into s’mores trail mix.”

How will you be using them this summer?

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