Watch: Salma Hayek Recalls 'Terrifying' Encounter With Naked Masseuse

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Salma Hayek may play a massage therapist in her latest movie, Beatriz at Dinner, but the actress had an encounter with an Austrian masseuse that terrified her.

In an appearance on Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show Chelsea, Hayek recalls getting more than she bargained for when her masseuse decided to perform her massage naked.

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Hayek had originally requested a female masseuse but only a man was available.

“I was desperate because I have some back problems, and they said, ‘We only have a man.’ I prefer to have a girl, but I was desperate. I said, ‘OK, bring him,’” Hayek said, sharing that she convinced herself the man would be gay which made her more comfortable as the massage was in her hotel room.

When the Frida star opened her eyes, however, she was in for a shock.

“I see the hair legs and I go, ‘Wait a minute.’ He was not wearing shorts! I was like, ‘No, no, no, you gotta put it back on. This is not cool!’”

Hayek told Handler that she didn’t feel like she could simply leave the awkward situation, though, as she herself was only in her underwear.

“I was terrified!” the actress said.

Hayek went on to explain that the masseuse told her that some of his clients enjoyed when he gave massages naked. Hayek quickly set him straight, but then also gave him a bit of business.

“Wrong client,” she recalled telling him. “Then, I sent him to my friend!”

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