Man Proposes to Girlfriend and Her Sister With Down Syndrome

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man proposes to sister with down syndrome
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When an Indiana man decided to propose to his girlfriend, he went above and beyond and proposed to her younger sister, too.

When Will Seaton, 25, and Ashley Schaus, 23, began dating seven years ago, Schaus made it clear that she and her 15-year-old sister, Hannah, were a package deal. Schaus and her sister, who has Down syndrome, have always had a close relationship, Inside Edition reports.

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“When she was born, my parents told me she was going to be extra special because she had Down syndrome,” Schaus explained. “They were letting me know that I’m going to need to look out for her and protect her.”

When Schaus and Seaton began discussing marriage, Schaus joked that he would have to marry two women. Seaton accepted the challenge.

Before proposing to Schaus, Seaton got on one knee and “proposed” to Hannah first, asking the teen if she would be his “best friend forever” before giving the girl a simple ring. Once Hannah said yes, Seaton turned to ask Schaus to be his bride.

The heartwarming proposal was captured in photos and Schaus says that the proposal was just another way Seaton cares for Hannah.

“He definitely goes out of the way for her so this was more than I could ask for,” Schaus said.

Hannah’s inclusion in her sister’s relationship doesn’t stop with the proposal. Schaus and Seaton plan to include the teen in every aspect of the wedding.

“We came up with the term ‘Best Sister.’ She’s more than a bridesmaid but not obviously a bride,” Schaus explained.

Hannah will wear a white dress and have a special dance with the groom to Harry Nilsson’s song “Best Friend,” but Schaus isn’t worried about sharing her special day.

“The happiness level is infinite, it’s not like she’s stealing anyone’s thunder.”


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